Vehicles for Sale

We’re Licensed. Cars are sold as is.

Vehicles being sold are acquired by us as a result of being towed and then abandon (never picked up from impound) All vehicles are sold as a result of Claim of Oregon Possessory Lien. This process allows us to by law take possession of vehicles abandon on us after impoundment and due process to resell them to the public. Therefore all licence plates are removed prior to sale.  Although, We can also sell a 10 DMV Trip Permit for $35.00  to allow you time to register the vehicle with DMV.

Prices listed here are all OBO (or best offer) We are available 9 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday except Holidays for you to stop by and check out the vehicles or take a test drive.

2002 Toyota Solara
Runs and Drives, Automatic Transmission, 2wd, 4 Cylinder Engine
2 Door, Power Windows, Power Doors Locks, Cruise control
Air Conditioning, Sun Roof 
Odometer: 175723
$500.00 OBO
Recon Title
1977 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4X4 Pick up
Runs and Drives. 4 Speed Manual Transmission, V8 Engine
Manual Windows, Manual Door Locks. Cd Player
35 inch tires, Lifted, Aluminium
Odometer 11398
Clear Title
$2000.00 OBO
2001 Toyota Sienna SE Mini Van
Runs and Drives
Automatic. 2wd, 4 Cylinder Engine
Power Windows, Door Locks, Cruise Control
Air Conditioning, Stock Radio/ Cassette Player
Odometer: 204,000
Clear Title
$700.00 OBO
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Racing Rally Edition
Runs and drives
5 Speed Transmission, 4 Cylinder Engine
Power Windows, Power Door Locks
Cruise Control,Air Conditioner, Cd player
Odometer: 245528
Clear Title
$1000.00 OBO
2004 BMW 325i
Runs & Drives
2WD, Automatic, 6 cylinder
Power Locks, Power Windows, Cruise Control
A/C, SunRoof, CD Player, Leather Interior
Clear Title
Odometer 104872
$1500.00 OBO