Accident Recovery

Swift & Professional

Vehicle accidents cause emotional distress, traffic congestion, and a loss in revenue and wages for businesses and citizens alike. When life hits you with one of these shockers, it’s imperative to get appropriate and swift professional assistance.

Accident recovery services are one of our specialties at Wiltse’s Towing. We understand that an incident on the road can cause personal disrupt as well as traffic congestion, and that’s why we practice professional, educated, and quick incident assessment, which supports everyone’s efforts to seek resolution and peace of mind.


In case of an emergency, if you find your car to be off the road, stuck in snow, or in the water, we will send our professional staff with the right truck to pull you back onto the road and tow you to a safe location. We are fully equipped to handle any unique recovery your vehicle is in need of.

As your #1 towing resource, we take responsibility for the safe and efficient removal of wrecked or disabled vehicles. The challenges faced on the road are unique and Wiltse’s Towing stands ready to deliver solutions.

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